Empowering Women Globally: A Journey of Innovation and Advocacy


In a recent interview, we had the opportunity to speak with an exceptional woman who has dedicated her life to innovation, adventure, and, most importantly, the empowerment of women. Her journey, though unorthodox and often unconventional, paints a picture of resilience and passion for pushing the boundaries in a world dominated by men.

Early Beginnings: A Tech Odyssey

Our interviewee introduced herself by humorously saying she feels like she’s been working in technology for 200 years because of the profound innovations she has witnessed. Her career started with an unexpected call from a friend, offering her a job at Microsoft, a place she initially felt unfamiliar with. She embarked on this journey and worked her way up through the ranks, leading to a job opportunity in Paris, which opened her eyes to the possibilities of exploring the world.

A Life Less Ordinary

What followed was a remarkable odyssey that included living in diverse and exciting places like Dubai, Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. With her family by her side, she proved that women can pursue their careers globally, even in non-traditional locations.

Pioneering International Women’s Day in the US

This journey took a remarkable turn when she returned to the US about a decade ago and accepted a global role at Microsoft. Although this seemed like the logical next step in her career, she quickly realized that the slow pace of a large corporation did not align with her agile and innovative nature. It was this realization that led her to take the bold step of leaving Microsoft to launch a digital start-up.


Championing International Women’s Day in the US

One fateful January, a friend from Europe posed a question that sparked a new venture – “Why isn’t International Women’s Day recognized in the US?” This question led to the birth of a remarkable annual celebration that brings together hundreds of people to discuss and celebrate the achievements of women.


From Celebration to Action: TheWMarketplace

As the celebration grew, so did the need for women to take action. The founders of the event responded by launching a program that supports women economically. This initiative evolved into TheWMarketplace, an E-commerce platform designed to empower women economically and connect professional women to offer and access services.

Mission and Vision: Empowering Women Worldwide

Her vision has evolved over the years. Initially, she didn’t plan to dedicate her life to supporting women. However, as she examined her experiences and the challenges faced by women worldwide, she found her passion in creating an environment where women can be celebrated, acknowledged, and supported.

Proud Achievements: Giving Women a Voice

While reflecting on her journey, she expressed immense pride in giving women a platform to connect, share their stories, and benefit not only financially but also politically and culturally. Her biggest achievement is not a one-time business success but a continuous mission to empower women and change the narrative around their roles in society.

Evolving Mission: The Ongoing Journey

For her, there’s no endpoint in sight. Women are not a “niche” group but comprise 51% of the global population. The mission to support women is a dynamic and ever-evolving process, and the battle for gender parity and balance is something she continues to champion.

In summary, this incredible journey from the world of technology to championing the cause of women’s empowerment demonstrates that our passions and life missions can change, evolve, and grow in response to the pressing needs of the world. It serves as an inspiring example of how one person’s vision can create a lasting impact and promote positive change on a global scale.


The Birth of International Women’s Day in the US

The remarkable story of our interviewee’s journey begins with a conversation between close friends. It was a gloomy day in January, and both women were grappling with the challenges they faced at work. International Women’s Day had always been a source of inspiration and recognition in their careers outside the US, but it was notably absent on American soil. Their collective lament led to a powerful idea: why not create a celebration and community for women in the US?

The pair swung into action, leveraging their social networks to bring together a group of women for a discussion on International Women’s Day. They secured a basement in a coworking space, and with minimal advertising and just six weeks of planning, they held their first event. What was expected to be a gathering of 50 people turned into an evening of engaging conversations with 85 attendees spanning different age groups, from college students to women in their seventies.

A Celebration of Accomplishments

The magic of the event was not in complaining but in celebrating the achievements of women. The organization, aptly named “BE BOLD,” focused on stories that were relatable to all attendees. These stories allowed women to find common ground and inspire one another. It was a recognition that women from all walks of life face unique challenges and overcome them with courage.

The event was so successful that it soon outgrew venues and created a growing community of women celebrating their accomplishments. This wasn’t just about making a point; it was about empowering and supporting women.

Moving Beyond Celebration: TheWMarketplace

But BE BOLD didn’t stop at celebration. As the organization’s community continued to grow, there was a growing need for women to take action. This need became even more apparent with the onset of the pandemic. In response, BE BOLD launched a program designed to support women economically. This initiative marked the beginning of TheWMarketplace, an innovative e-commerce platform. It’s not just about philosophy and viewpoints; it’s about harnessing women’s economic power to bring about real change.


Changing the Norms: A Cultural Shift


This approach is not just about women fighting for a share of the power; it’s about challenging and changing norms. It’s recognizing that women represent 50% of the population, and it’s time for a rebalance in power dynamics. The traditional perception of men as the norm and women as “the other sex” is being challenged, and the focus is on creating an environment where different perspectives are welcomed.


BE BOLD’s mission is not about women dominating but about achieving parity. It’s a call to make societal changes, starting with an internal shift in perspective. It’s about embracing the idea that equality benefits society as a whole, and a 50/50 balance is the path to true harmony.


In conclusion, BE BOLD’s journey is a testament to the power of vision, community, and innovation. It showcases the remarkable impact women can have when they come together, support one another, and challenge the norms that have persisted for generations. As they move beyond celebration to economic empowerment, they are not just changing the lives of women but influencing the course of history by shifting societal norms towards equality and balance.

Empowering Women: Believe in Yourself

Kate Isler believes that women often self-select out of opportunities, primarily due to self-doubt. They question their qualifications, education, financial resources, and networks, which can hold them back from pursuing their ambitions. Her message is clear: women should never underestimate the power of their support network and must never self-select out of opportunities. She encourages women to ask for what they deserve and to embrace their aspirations without hesitation.

Building a Council of Advisors

A recurring theme in the conversation is the importance of seeking advice and building a council of trusted advisors, primarily consisting of women. Kate Isler shared her practice of consulting a diverse group of women with varying ages and backgrounds. These advisors provide valuable insights and support. She emphasizes that it’s perfectly acceptable to admit when you don’t know something. In fact, seeking help is essential for personal and professional growth.

Embracing Mistakes: The Path to Growth

Kate Isler dismisses the notion that women must constantly outperform men. She believes that mistakes are an integral part of the learning process and a source of personal growth. Women should not fear making mistakes but should actively seek advice and support when needed. This approach allows women to achieve their goals without the pressure of perfection.

Authentic Leadership: Leading as Yourself

The conversation delves into the misconception that women need to outperform men to succeed. Both Kate Isler and the interviewer share their realization that authentic leadership is more empowering. They discovered that by embracing their true selves, they naturally became leaders. No need to assert authority – their authenticity inspired others to follow. This shift in perspective allowed them to feel more comfortable and energized in their leadership roles.

Supporting One Another: The Power of Community

Throughout the interview, Kate Isler and the interviewer stress the significance of women supporting each other. They highlight the value of being recognized and encouraged by peers, particularly when women excel in their roles. The conversation underscores the need for women to build a supportive community that understands and contributes to their success.

A Global Network of Empowered Women

Kate Isler expresses her excitement about a project highlighting women as innovators. She believes that it’s crucial to showcase the incredible accomplishments of women and offers her full support. She commits to participating in the project, aligning with her mission to empower women and create economic opportunities.

Connecting Across Continents: Fostering Worldwide Collaboration

As the conversation progresses, plans are made to connect with like-minded women worldwide. Kate Isler offers to introduce the interviewer to contacts in New York and mentions women from various countries who may be interested in participating in the project. They both agree that fostering connections across continents is essential for women’s empowerment.

In this enlightening conversation with Kate Isler, we witness the power of authenticity, mentorship, and a supportive community in empowering women. The interview reminds us that women are stronger together, capable of sharing experiences, and working towards a more inclusive and equitable future. The impact of this interview extends far beyond the words exchanged; it serves as a beacon for the empowerment of women worldwide.

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